Using Modeling and Analysis with Design for Six Sigma to Eliminate Design Iterations


Modeling and Analysis offers the ability to quickly and effectively optimize your design.  Design for Six Sigma is a key enabler for both quickly ensuring the robustness and quality of your product.  RSS has the unique expertise on assessing model capabilities, how to use models to predict likely uncertainty and upcoming design changes, and how to define plans which can rapidly absorb and accommodate this uncertainty. 

Using Modeling and Analysis with Six Sigma to Eliminate Experimental Root Cause Analysis of Performance

Modeling and Analysis offers the ability to quickly and effectively diagnose audit check failures in production.  Six Sigma is a key enable for both quickly ensuring quality.  RSS has unique expertise on using models with production data to assess variability in quantities not measured but likely contributors.  

Rapid Assessment of R&D Capability to Deliver Reliable New Techology Quickly


What are the specific problems preventing your company from delivering highly reliable new technology products quickly?  Where should you invest process improvement resources?  With our PERFORM framework, in as little as 3 days we can assess R&D capability maturity, strengths and weaknesses and tell you both what projects you are currently capable of undertaking and what action plans will increase this capability.